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Welcome to the
2020 Path to Wellness Campaign

We know you're here to learn more and participate in Wellness activities, but you're probably wondering how this works? What do you have to do?

We'll it's actually pretty simple and we'll step you through it now.

How to Play

How it works:

How the Paths to Wellness campaigns and this website works...

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    This year, we've got two campaigns planned: Spring (April) and Feel (October).
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    Each campaign will have separate "Paths" on different Wellness topics or common health concerns.
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    Each Path will invite you to Learn and Interact on a topic. The Paths are designed to deliver quick tips to boost knowledge and easy ways to take action offline, in the real world.

Pick the Paths to wellness that interest you most!

How to Play

Paths to Wellness Campaigns

There are two campaigns in the 2020 Paths to Wellness program.

The first campaign will open after this introductory tutorial.

The second campaign will open in October.

Tip: Mark your calendar now for wellness campaigns and global wellness events by visiting the Wellness Calendar in RBC Connect and/or Wellness Calendar on Me & RBC.

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How to Play


We have some great prizes again this year!

Each campaign will have a first prize winner of:

Gift card


Gift card

We post the winners in RBC Connect - click the "prize winner" link at any time to see the latest winners.

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How to Play

Prize Entries

It’s easy to earn entries.

Paths can be completed multiple times, however only one ballot can be earned per activity.

You can see how many entries you've earned at any time in your Participation History.

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How to Play

Access this site 24/7!

You can also access this site any where, any time!

If you run out of time at work or don't have access to your work computer for any reason, you can still use this site. Simply visit: and log in using the password you set up for this site.

It's mobile-friendly, so you can use a desktop, tablet or any mobile device. For Maas360 users, download the "RBC Wellness" shortcut from the RBC App store for easy access any time.

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